I am an ilustrator

I paint with watercolors - often directly in the mountains. I love illustrating books and board games and I also paint on walls or make stained glass windows.
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Dětská kniha Papuchalk Isgrín

book covers and illustrations

Book illustration is one of the most important ways for me to project my art. I enjoy how words and images communicate together, complement each other and enliven each other.

I specialize in children’s illustrated books, where images are given a lot of space, and I also deal with travel themes and nature.

I already have several successfully published books, on which I collaborated by creating the cover, illustrations and sometimes complete graphics and typesetting.

I am currently working on my author’s illustrated children’s book “Puffin Isgrín”.

Ilustrace velryba - Papuchalk Isgrín
Papuchalk Isgrín
Papuchalk Isgrín mapa

Sídliště Svět (2022) – cover and illustrations

Mama Viajera (2022) – illustrations

Indigové pohádky (2022) – illustrations in one of the stories

Cesta až na konec světa (2020) – cover, illustrations, graphics and typesetting

Jedlíci na cestách (2023) – cover, illustrations, graphics and typesetting

Yosemity Half Dome

paintings of the mountains ~ Mountains and art belong together. ~

After many years travelling and hiking around the world, I decided to go to the mountains with paints and brushes, so that I could capture the beauty on the spot. Thanks to paintings and illustrations I can tell about the beauty of the mountains, or remind people of their journeys and dreams. We live in the safety of cities, but a piece of forest, mountains and wilderness can be brought home with the art.

paintings of Patagonia, Sierra Nevada and Alaska were created right in the mountains.

about mountains art

watercolor paintings

In addition to mountains, the theme of wild animals, gentle surrealism and children’s stories is very close to me. As part of exhibitions, I have prepared several thematic collections (Wild, Enlightened animals, Like in a dream), but I also create independent works that do not interfere with any long-term concept.

Výstava Obrazy z hor (2020 – Praha) – paintings from 4 months journey through Patagonia

Výstava Ilustrace v akvarelu (2021 – Praha) – mozaic of my watercolor illustrations with a touch of surrealism

Pop up exhibition Outer and Inner landscapes / Krajina vnitřní a vnější (2022 – Klamath Falls – Oregon) – with a local artist Lisou Cancellor we made a one-night exhibition connecting non-figurative art reffering to the inner world of a man and the realistic landscape where a man ventures

gallery of watercolor


A mural extends into public space, speaks to masses of people and enlivens the place where it is created. That’s why I enjoy every given opportunity to put illustration into the large-format world. Just give me a blank wall.

I completely painted two offices at the orthopedics in Prague, and I did another large-scale work for Tap House in Oregon, USA.